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Soft Cell Vinyl Party 3.12.21 with Heather Hardcore and Kaerie

Intro Music: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye Instrumental

DJ Kaerie Set 1
Soft Cell - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
Starcluster w/Marc Almond - Silver City Ride
Marc Almond - A Lover Spurned
Marc Almond - Bad To Me
Soft Cell - Seedy Films
Marc Almond - Zipped Black Leather
Marc Almond - Tears Run Rings
Soft Cell - Loving You, Hating Me
Marc Almond - Waifs & Strays

DJ Kaerie Set 2
Marc Almond - Act Two + Minotaur
Soft Cell - Heat
Marc Almond - Black Kiss
Soft Cell - It's A Mug's Game
Replicant w/Marc Almond - Fur
Starcluster w/Marc Almond - Smoke & Mirrors
Marc Almond - Velvet Trail
Starcluster w/Marc Almond - Get Closer
Soft Cell - Martin

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