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Disintegrating GothsTM
A trivia game from DJ Kaerie and Housed Forever

37) At Siouxsie & The Banshees' first gig, who was the drummer? Answer

38) 1988 Song Review: "Oriental marching band hip hop with farting horns and catchy accordion. This record was made by people with a sense of humour. It was not made by Goths." What song, band? Answer

39) What group's vocalist was a former gravedigger who dressed like a vampire? Answer

40) What was Peter Murphy's band called during the years 1989-1994? Answer

41) After the breakup Specimen's bass Kev(in) Mills went on to join which band? Answer

42) What (where) is considered to be the birthplace of the Southern English goth subculture? Answer

43) Interviewer: "I believe you have a song about the British music press entitled "Scum." Reply: "I didn't write it about the press; I wrote it about you." Who said that? Answer

44) On this tour, the singer had a near-fatal overdose, the long time musical director quit, the primary songwriter started suffering seizures, and the other guy temporarily quit. What band or what tour was this? Answer

45) When goth was actually becoming a music genre, who was the first band to be described that way? Answer

46) Who was the singer of The Sisterhood? Answer

47) What was the first Peter Murphy album released in the USA? Answer

48) Which Peter Murphy album first credited his band as "The Hundred Men" Answer

49) "Third Uncle" by Bauhaus is a cover. Who wrote it? Answer

50) Who was "the house band" at The Batcave? Answer

51) Even though the term "gothic" had been floating around, even in 1983 it wasn't used to describe the scene. What was "goth" referred to back then? Answer

52) In March of 1980 in Basildon England, 3 years after they had been playing in a variety of cover bands, the band Composition of Sound, a 3 piece featuring Andrew Fletcher on bass, Vince Clarke on vocals and guitar, and Martin Gore on keyboards, heard the sound of another band, which altered the course of Depeche Mode forever. What was that band? Answer

53) "I resent people you grew up admiring turning out to be tossers - like David Bowie. I just wish he'd been killed in a car accident after "Low". Who said that? Answer

54) Review (1983): "Now that they've broken down the doors to the music biz with that cover song, what do they offer us? Revolution? Salvation? Anarchy? No. Just another lifeless, predictable rock song with all the usual trappings of pompous vocals, forgettable riffs and numbskull drums and bass. What catalysts you turned out to be boys, eh?" Name the band. Answer


End of Trivia....for now.

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