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Disintegrating GothsTM
A trivia game from DJ Kaerie and Housed Forever

19) Who had a curse put on him, was bitten on the neck, slept in a coffin and thought "I definitely could have been a vampire"? Answer

20) What band is in the opening scene of 1983's "The Hunger"? Bonus: How were they they referred to in the movie credits? Answer

21) What famous artist designed the decor of The Gargoyle Club, the location of The Batcave? Answer

22) Why did Peter Murphy title his first album Should The World Fail To Fall Apart? Answer

23) Spiggy is a skinny black-clad thing from the corners of the night, kept alive by ginger beer. "These legs are the finest in rock'n'roll, the thinnest in Leeds," he or she boasts. "We're not a provincial band, we're a MAJOR ENTITY." Who said that? Answer

24) The Cure's current guitarist (since 2012) previously was associated with what artist? Answer

25) The Lords of The New Church guitarist Brian James also played guitar in what band? Answer

26) Where was London After Midnight's debut concert? Answer

27) In 1985 who was the first band referred to as "darkwave". Answer

28) What was The Cure's original name? Answer

29) The full NME review of song in July 1981: "The desperation of losers..." Name the single, or the band. Answer

30) "It's a shame that that era (speaking of our music era) has gone, but it has, and it's become a very corporate, big business, blood sucking thing." Who said that? Answer

31) Siouxsie and The Banshees guitarist from Peepshow until the end was Jon Klein. Name another band he was in? Answer

32) "What am I going to do IF we play these live? Bash away on a bloody tambourine?" Who said that, and why? Answer

33) Gothic lore identifies who as the first "goth"? Answer

34) What was Bauhaus' original name? Answer

35) When Bauhaus recorded "Bela Lugosi's Dead", how long had they been together? Answer

36) Who is the first band described as "gothic rock"? Answer


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